Find the Perfect Location for Your Business and Set Up Shop Quickly

Finding the right location can be a complicated process for many business owners. You have to balance finding the perfect spot based on your target market with your financing or finding the right rental agreement. M.L. Bell Construction can help with every step of this process.

Ideal for Corporate National Retailers, Franchise Owners, and Small Business Owners

Our process for property selection and land development works for national companies, as well as locally-owned businesses, and we tailor our process depending on your needs.

For example, we help corporate national retailers with pre-defined specs find the ideal location in an unfamiliar region.

For franchise owners and small business owners, we understand you likely have another full-time job and do not have the time to manage the build out of your location. That is why we manage everything for you, from site assessment to getting the right permits from local government. We can also help with your long-term plan if you need to build a certain number of locations within a specific time period.

Finding the Right Site

We are able to locate and procure many types of commercial real estate, ranging from office and apartment buildings to warehouses, medical office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and undeveloped properties.

M.L. Bell Construction can identify the ideal spot for your venture based on target demographics, traffic patterns and counts, and nearby businesses that could increase foot traffic to your establishment.

Your real estate team can help you find the right spot, but when we help you look for a location, we also assess the property and consider exactly what it needs in terms of design and construction.

Getting the Most Out of Your Lease Agreement

If the lease agreement includes a few free months of rent, we factor in how much of that time you need for construction. If we finish construction before that time period runs out, your business can be up and running before that first rent check is due, which jump starts your ROI.

Support with Financing

We also can help with financing. If you are not ready to own a property, but the right place is only available for purchase and not rent, then we can purchase the building for you. We will build it to meet your needs and rent it to you.