Timely, within Budget, and Hassle-Free Construction

M.L. Bell Construction’s turn-key Design-Build service is our fastest construction model. You can rely on us to handle everything from hiring the architect and engineer, to obtaining building permits, and monitoring costs to keep the project within your budget. In many instances, the project schedule can be accelerated.

Rely on Our Experience to Reduce Your Risks for New Construction

New construction can be risky because of unknowns that impact price and timeline. But, we’ve basically seen it all when it comes to challenges in construction projects. Let our experience be your guide to a successful construction project.

Our Design and Construction Experience Can Result in Smart Investments for You

We have a background in design, which is not common in the construction industry.

Quality design allows for form to follow function. And, our designs are practical for business owners because we balance function and finishes with budget restrictions. We know the smart places for business owners to spend money on design and finishes that will help your business succeed.

We Can Reduce Your Risks for New Construction

The Design-Build option minimizes your risk for a project by providing sole responsibility for all design, permitting, construction, and project closeout.

Reduce your financial risks

  • We can estimate the entire project in the design phase
  • we can design and build to your budget

Reduce risks of delays

  • We handle getting all building permits from local governments
  • We manage all the details of the project and provide you with progress reports

Get the Most Out of Free Rent

If your landlord offers free rent, we can fast-track your schedule to help you open for business earlier, possibly giving you a month or two of operations with no rent.