Planning, Managing, and Doing the Work – We Do It All

M.L. Bell Construction has overseen projects ranging from $1 million to $125 million. For projects of any size, our approach is to be open, fair, and efficient. The Construction Management model ensures that all design decisions and numbers are on the table, in order to keep everyone accountable the owner’s scope, schedule, and budget.

A Process Designed for Financial Flexibility, Accountability, and Success

Construction Management is a collaborative effort between the owner, the architect, the engineers, and the construction manager (CM). The owner selects a CM well before the construction documents are complete so the CM can work with the design team to stay on budget. In doing so, the owner gets a better understanding of how design choices impact construction costs and ongoing operational costs.

As your CM, we break large projects into smaller scopes of work to be individually priced. This gives us more options for pricing and flexibility for meeting your needs. This method also provides more financial accountability because we can keep an eye on the smallest of details that might otherwise get lost in the process.

Dedicated Team of Experts

When you work with us to manage your construction project, you’ll quickly see how our experience in other services will make your project easier to complete. While other companies only perform certain aspects of construction, we do it all from design, building, planning, vendor coordination, and scheduling.

M.L. Bell’s Construction Management division has experience on a variety of projects ranging in complexity, price, and size. Being well-versed in all AIA contracts gives M.L. Bell the ability to estimate, bid, and manage multiple prime contracts, as well as provide pre-construction and construction management services.

For your project, we will assign a dedicated planner to coordinate all the moving pieces and aspects of the project. Meaning, despite how large or small your project is, you will only have one point of contact.

We take care of managing subcontractors, schedules, and budgets so you can focus on your business.