who we are

Being an Active, Impactful Member of the Community We Love

Our success has allowed us to create jobs, have a positive impact on our region, and most importantly, it has inspired us to give back to the community that helped make us so successful.

Committed to Metro Richmond’s Economy

Our contributions to the Metro Richmond economy can be measured through job creation and assistance to startup business owners. We have been able to create and offer positions to laborers, carpenters, superintendents, administrative professionals, project engineers, project managers, estimators, and accountants.

We mentor small business subcontractors and assist them with estimating, accounting, and insurance and bonding requirements.

We impart our construction knowledge to small businesses not only on cost-effective construction, but by helping create a corporate or franchise image, marketing, and networking.

We believe mentoring our subcontractors and clients not only has a positive impact on their growth, but is a way to give back to the people that help make us successful.

Giving Back to the Community

Giving back and volunteering are important values of our company. We sponsor organizations, donate goods to causes, and volunteer time to community organizations, particularly when they are meaningful to our team and clients.

Initiatives We Love to Support Include:

  • Career & Technical Education
  • Workforce Development
  • Health & Wellness
  • Protection & Restoration of Natural Resources