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Speed To Market

In all Industries the term “time is money” has some applicability. In the construction industry those are the three words we live by. Shortening construction duration times not only reduces labor and overhead costs for construction, it also allows owners to open their doors much sooner which increases their ROI. At M.L. Bell we not only complete projects faster than most other contractors, we also work to ensure that we provide quality work and excellent service. Here are a few ways we have managed to achieve success.

We Understand Lead Times

Specific materials, like lighting, glass and glazing, flooring and finishes have always required more coordination. Higher end materials require additional time just to produce and receive samples. For tenant Up-Fits & Interior Construction, where project duration is already short and turnaround is quick, these factors can present real challenges. Our experience with interior renovations has taught us what details can be worked through later and what details are required before breaking ground. Understanding lead times has helped us keep multiple projects on track and has ensured we always meet our delivery date.

We know How to Expand the Working Day

As winter sets in daylight hours shorten forcing construction sites to complete a larger amount of work in a shorter time span. At M.L. Bell we strategically complete job site tasks which ensure we are operating at maximum efficiency. We also ensure we get the most out of a workday by equipping all job sites with appropriate lighting and in many cases heating. This allows our crew members to work comfortably and safely regardless of time or season.

We Strategically Manage Overtime

When incorporating overtime, it’s more cost effective to selectively invest in the activities that impact the critical path of your project than planning for overtime across the board. Our project managers know how to skillfully assemble job schedules that ensure all vendors meet their scheduled deadlines. This allows new craftsman to take over without having to worry about delays.

We Work Efficiently In Occupied Spaces

Construction is slowed in occupied spaces. For a faster-paced turnover of the space, swing space within the building or in other offices may be used. Swing space is a temporary place for employees to work while their space is under construction. In many businesses such as retail and restaurants however alternative spaces may not be an option. If the client is unable to temporarily relocate, temporary walls, partitions and night shifts can be an excellent alternative to keep everything on track without disrupting day to day business.

We Quickly Obtain Permits

Finally, it’s always important to account for the permitting process in the schedule. Permitting processes in many areas have become much more efficient, but it can still take up to four weeks to receive a permit. For interiors projects, that’s a lot of time. To accelerate the process, our in-house staff can work side by side with your architect to ensure all applications for permits are placed as soon as possible. By following up, we can streamline and eliminate unnecessary delays.