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M.L. Bell Construction's Office Renovations Are Now Complete!

After several weeks of work on M.L. Bell Construction’s office building, and warehouse, we are happy to announce that construction is complete on our company’s headquarters. On September 15th, M.L. Bell Construction’s employees moved to the new office located at 11029 Richardson Rd. During the renovation and expansion of that building, office employees were working from the former M.L. Bell Construction office. The newly expanded office building has nearly doubled the area that M.L. Bell Construction has to operate, which will help us to perform more efficiently and meet our customers’ needs better. Furthermore, the expanded office will accommodate the additional space required for our growing staff.

M.L. Bell Construction is also proud to announce that we have added a new department to our overhead roster. We now have an Operations Department. We are glad to welcome Eric Waters as our new Director of Operations. Eric is a war vet, and has 20 years of construction experience. He brings a great deal of organization and energy to the company. Eric will be responsible for overseeing Estimating, Project Management and Field operations. This new department will help streamline company processes and ensure that our owners always stay informed with the latest updates on their projects.