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Five Construction Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

1. Skilled labor shortage will continue to plague construction companies

A significant portion of employees who left the industry during the recession never returned, and companies are still struggling to find workers at all levels to staff their teams.

Despite the skilled labor shortage, however, M.L. Bell Construction has stayed strong. Our ability to perform work in-house has allowed us to reduce costs, stay busy and retain our experienced workforce despite dips in the economy. Our in-house team continues to be a huge advantage for us today!

2. Construction companies will be more cautious about project selection

The crippling recession and lingering labor shortage have spurred another trend among construction industry decision makers: Many are now being more cautious about the amount of new work they can handle, and about growing their companies.

As we continue to grow, we do our best to focus on bidding projects we can bring the most value to. Projects we currently provide the most value for are restaurant & retail Build-outs and small multi-tenant ground ups.

3. Construction companies continue to integrate new technology

Construction teams are increasingly using mobile devices to file reports and share information on job sites, streamlining the construction process. The use of this technology reduces costs while improving the reliability of reports and job site documentation. Due to using custom applications on mobile devices, the project team has instant answers to questions that would have previously slowed down a project with trips to job site trailers for plan evaluations or calls to the architect. Pictures of job site progress can be taken, and Quality Assurance can be improved.

M.L. Bell has been ahead of the curve in integrating the latest technologies in our construction process, from offering tablets and laptops to all our supers to utilizing apps that help our staff stream the latest building images through our client portal on our website.

We just recently started installing site cameras. These new cameras have helped us not only keep our job sites secure and free of theft and vandalism, they have also helped us keep our owners up to date by offering them a live link they can visit at any time to monitor & view their projects real-time progress.

4. “Green” building will grow in commercial and residential sectors

Commercial construction has typically led the pack in Green adoption, but the residential sector is starting to catch up. The growing trend in both sectors is driven not just by a desire to produce environmentally friendly structures, but by consumer demand, higher-quality results and life cycle cost savings, according to experts at Greenbuild 2015.

M.L. Bell can help consult you on the products and materials that can help your latest building become more energy efficient.

5. Remodeling will have a strong year, especially in the luxury market & Home Buyers will seek out walkable communities

Experts predict the remodeling sector will have a banner year in 2016. As the economy makes strides to become, more efficient trends have emerged that have changed the home buying process. People are now seeking out elements such as access to public transportation, multi-generational housing, walkable neighborhoods and mixed-use facilities.

M.L. Bell has performed work for a wide variety of walkable communities and has the expertise necessary to help you pick a good location for your business.